The Secret to Sales: How to Market to your Client


No matter what industry you are in, the sales profession continues to move faster and faster each and every day. In a blink of an eye, new competitors emerge and products, especially those similar to yours, are beginning to find their footing within the convoluted market you are working in today. Before you know it, you are far behind.

As much as we can question the new age of consumer products, we first must understand the biggest problem that is impacting the world of sales. Far too often, businesses and organizations make the mistake of assuming that the consumer and client are willing to purchase anything based on its novelty. While that appeal may work for certain products, the approach itself is undeniably short lived. In fact, when it comes to marketing, it is absolutely vital that you market for the customer! This is something I have constantly reiterated to my own sales team. When marketing for a customer, you are targeting your audience. Just think about it. Strong reputable companies did not get to where they are based on faulty hypothetical ‘shot in the dark’ approaches. Instead, they thought strategically and creatively about their products and services and how each one is applicable to the wants and needs of the general public. From there, that information was learned, rehearsed, understood, and translated through the sales department.

Now to be a strong salesperson, you need to always be cognizant of the perspective of your customer and client. For many companies and firms, they usually rely on various scripts that dictate every step of how they should sell and market a product or service. As great as they may be establishing your presence within a call or one-on-one talk with your potential client, you as a salesperson should go above and beyond the script. For the best salespeople, they do not simply rely on the content that is given to them. Instead they adapt and alter their sales pitches in accordance with their prospective customer to further educate and inform them of what your company has to offer.

To start, begin by internalizing the vision and goals of your company. By having this deeper understanding of your company, you will be able to translate the overarching business ideas that can be useful when educating the potential client of during your sales pitch. In addition, utilizing your company’s mission can diversify your company’s service and streamline how and what you do differently from your competitors.

During these pitches, it is imperative that you first and foremost recognize the problem. Many clients and customers go to these businesses because they have a particular problem. In fact, that problem is the ultimate reason why your company was establish in the first place. But to help personalize the message even more, make sure you understand where they are coming from. Gaining a strong holistic idea of the problem they are experiencing will help you sell and rationalize your services to each individual future client.

To further bolster this knowledge, make sure you do your research on other competitors or services that are similar to your company’s products. Having that in your artillery can help you shine once again diversify and differentiate your product and services in the most beneficial way possible. In fact, doing this type of research can offer various insights of the strengths your company has against other competitors.

Now on the calls, it is important that you personify the ideal salesperson. While each individual has their own unique personality and take on the phones, you want to make sure you are well disciplined, charismatic, and resourceful with every client that you are talking to. To start, sales will always and forever be a difficult job. The phrase ‘ABC – Always Be Closing’ may sound easy, but in reality, is an incredibly difficult task. For most cases, this skill usually takes time and practice in order for it to be second nature later on down the line. Because of this, you as a sales person need to be confident. You need to have that unrelenting attitude and approach to go above and beyond in any situation. In addition, you need to exemplify the charisma and trustworthiness charm that can build and establish a connection with your potential prospect. For many customers, they view charismatic salespeople as not just another person on the phone, but someone who they can have a real meaningful professional relationship. Now, to help assist you with this, it is imperative that you are resourceful. Successful sales reps differ from the rest because they reach out and target the potential needs for their customers. That idea of going above and beyond means having information, having the analytics, or having other resources that is helpful in landing a particular deal.

The last thing I can say to help you develop within the field of sales is to be honest and transparent with every client. Regardless of what you are selling, establishing that trust with honest communication is something that will take you to the next level.